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By using the Medieval Realms Client you get access to all of our network games, as well as guarantee your games are up-to-date.

Windows / Mac





Download Your .Jar Package.






Download Your .Exe Package.

Download Instructions:

The following information listed below for your personal safety and understanding of our rules.

Installation Requirements:

1. Windows / Mac Compatible
2. Ability to Un-Zip the download packages.
3. Version of Java 8

Java 8 Installation Guide:

1. Visit Java Official Website to download Java JRE 8+
2. Select Your Computer Version.
3. Install Java JRE & Exit.

Medieval Realm Installation Guide:

1. Download our latest Desktop Client.
2. Un-Zip that folder to your desktop.
3. Leave all files inside of folder incase for easier deletion for newer clients.
4. Run/Start our server Jar/Exe file to begin playing, simply log-in with a new username / password to get started.


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